Virtual Life Is Beautiful

I think I’ve found a place to go when life gets to be too much. Where everything is beautiful and to my satisfaction and if it is not, I can change things around and make them just so. I have found inspiration, beautiful men, intelligent dialogue, gardens in bloom, high ceilings, wood floors, concrete counter tops, containers for everything (labeled already), soft textiles, exquisite art, perfect bodies, scrumptious food, outdoor dining, candles lit, step stones and tailored hedges, baby animals and all things cute … every wish, every desire, zero calories in or out.

This place is Pinterest and I kid you not, it could cost me hours of my life … it has cost me hours of my life, and normally I would say that’s a bad thing. And, if I progress (as I am so tempted) to take to my bed permanently eating ice cream and “pinning,” then someone may need to do an intervention. But as it is, I am finding true inspiration. In fact I am remembering what brings me joy, what turns me on. I had avoided this virtual vision board for fear that it would foster an even greater feeling of lack. I worried I’d become more of an asshole, harping on my mundane problems, coveting the creations and acquisitions of others.

Picture 3

Maybe it’s the timing. After all, I did just commit to having gratitude and to stop complaining about my bullshit “problems.” I succumbed to a friend’s prodding that I go on Pinterest and now I’m fired up. As I fall asleep these days, instead of recalling the horrific images on the news, or obsessing on my not quite firm enough thighs, or how will I make money to provide more than the bare minimum for my kids, or envisioning myself alone in future years and decades … now I see winding wood staircases, zen gardens, ballerinas, fresh tomato and avocado salads, flying dogs and qoutes by the likes of Albert Einstein and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As time wasters go, I have hit the jackpot. Screw Facebook. Hit Pinterest. Reignite your passion (I hate that word, I’ll extrapolate another day) but for this post’s purpose, it works.

PASSION … it’s the opposite of being dead or being the living dead (which, in my opinion, is worse than dead).

Surviving Limbo doesn’t have a Pinterest yet because the real me does and frankly, I can’t differentiate what ignites the passion of the blogger me vs. the real me because we are obviously one person. And, I’m too lazy to do two different ones. I can’t bring myself to sit on my ass and fantasize on more than one Pinterest page at a time. Alas, I am again relieved to have these first world problems — how many Pinterest pages are too many?— and lest you think I’m a complete asshole who thinks this is a real problem, I am forcing myself to depart from my blissful pinterest induced state to remind you that I do indeed have real problems and huge life choices to tackle.

But, as the holidays approach and the beckoning of new possibilities and New Years resolutions call, I think it’s appropriate to take some time to dream, to fantasize, to envision and to believe in the magic of this journey, this life.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Life Is Beautiful

    • Well, I’m sure there are more productive ways to spend one’s time but in my down moments, it’s been lifting my spirits so I like it. Thanks for commenting, I hope you’ll stick around.

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