Newtown, one year later…

Adorable little son and mother in autumn city.It has been nearly a year since the tragic killings. A year since we all recoiled in horror and swore that things would change.

No significant progress has been made on gun control or any other means by which we might collectively inhibit the likelihood of more mass shootings.

I think it’s important to remember that for the families who will be commemorating the loss of their loved ones, this is not a political or hypothetical issue. Their loss is the worst conceivable. In fact, after viewing a mere 20 seconds of the families’ public statements on the news this morning, my eyes were welled with tears and my chest felt tight and constricted. Just imagining the loss of a child is more than I can bear.

I don’t believe there is any solace I can offer those poor families.

There are personal lessons that we can all take away…they are cheesy and often espoused, but do we ever heed them? Do we  hold our loved ones tighter, judge less, share more, banish fear, live in gratitude and appreciation?
We can’t make a huge political or societal shift on a dime, but we can make our own personal declarations to be better, right now. We can remember how lucky we are to have the option of experiencing a full measure of joy and appreciation this year.

In honor of the Newtown families, let’s cherish the ones we love. That’s the least we can do.

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