All Right 2014…The Gloves are Coming off!

2013 can suck it. I had such high hopes for it and it let me down. Maybe I let it down. Or I let myself down, who knows? It sure seems that 2013 sucked for a lot of people. “Less income and more stress” was the theme and buzzkill of 2013.

Of course, I’m grateful for so much. On the upside, I survived 2013. I had a better year than the year prior and I remain hopeful. I have my health, the kids are great and my loved ones are all in pretty good shape. That’s a lot to be thankful for.

Still, 2013 was exhausting and pretty uninspired. It seemed as if our culture took a nose dive from regular tacky to completely, obscenely, embarrassingly vapid. So many tragedies and political gaffes. Right and Left divided. Poor getting poorer while rich getting ultra, mega, stratospherically rich.

I don’t have to tell you. You were there too.

Someone out there had a kickass 2013. For you (minus any douche-bags), I hope 2014 is ultra-kickass. For me and the other crowd of 2013 haters, join me in reveling in it’s demise and exulting in the prospect of a brand spanking new year.

This year, I’m coming out of hiding. I’m going to be ballsy, stop apologizing, work harder, be more focused, take risks, love love love the shit out of everyone I love and add some more people to my posse of loved ones. I’m going to think less, do more and write about it after.

I’m over resolutions. It’s time to take the gloves off (or is it put them on?? oops) and show up in the ring. No more small potatoes. On the upside, there’s really only one thing to do. Be me. I’m too old for all of my hemming and hawing. Time to streamline and start doing a few select things 100% instead of flailing about hoping something proliferates on my behalf.

What are you gonna do? Won’t you join me in heading in to 2014 like a confident prize fighter who can take a hit, even fall on the ropes and come back swinging?

Let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “All Right 2014…The Gloves are Coming off!

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