Uncle (I don’t know much) …

I really don’t know much.

I like to ponder and dissect and share what I glean from that exploration.

But I still don’t “know” much.

I like to give advice. I like to help people, if I can. I like to solve problems. I like to understand what drives people.

But I really don’t know much.

I can safely say that we are on a ball spinning in space. We humans run the gamut — from the most depraved baby killers to the most generous, caring Mother Theresas.

I can also safely say, none of us really know definitively why we are here, if any of this matters, or what the “right” way to live is.

We just do what we do. We are simply individuals comprised of what we were born with mixed with what we are exposed to … so none of us, NONE of us are really better than each other. We just are what we are. I think.

I’m not trying to find the answers. Way more intelligent minds have beat me to it and it’s all been written and all of that is up for contemplation and debate.

I guess it gives me some solace to explore and ponder, perhaps to feel like I know a thing or two at any given moment. Or at least for a moment. That AHA! moment, as fleeting as it tends to be, is exhilarating.

I wish, I wish, I could know enough to help others. I wish, I wish, I could know enough to help myself. I wish, I wish, I could know enough to get things right, to do the right thing, to avoid hurting others, to avoid hurting myself.

But, I’m human. And, I can pontificate with zeal and prowess. But, I can’t be perfect and I can’t DO life any better than anyone else. And that would all be ok if I could deal with the repercussions of being fallible. But I struggle to do so.

So, UNCLE, I’m human, and I don’t know much.


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