Who Am I ?

Most of the posts and pages on this blog are fairly old. Things change. Priorities change. Over the past few years, I’ve become way more concerned with the world around me than my own personal survival; I just haven’t quite figured out how to parlay that into the most effective action online, and more importantly I’m working on that in real life. Personal as it is, I’m leaving most of the content up in case some of it resonates and maybe helps someone else and I’ll be revising and updating the site soon.

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Rebecca Bitton

I’m a mother of two boys. I’m also a freelance writer and editor (sometimes graphic designer, photographer, creative consultant) … and a certified mediator.

Most recently, I’ve contributed to The Huffington Post and Solo Parent Magazine as well as art directed and edited the upcoming book Just Do Art 4 Kids.

As for Surviving Limbo, I started out blogging anonymously and now I’m slowly acclimating to blogging non-anonymously. It definitely feels weird and a bit over-exposing but I think I’ll get used to it and I prefer never having skeletons in my closet (e.g., covert online identities). I can’t go off and talk as much shit now that my name is on here.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at survivinglimboblog@gmail.com.

Follow on Twitter:                                                                                                           Personal https://twitter.com/rebeinstein                                                            

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10 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. I think I was once you, without the “sending money” part, and of course, a variety of twists and turns to my own story which no doubt has nothing to do with yours. But shits and giggles aside, find community. Figure out who to trust. Don’t fall for the standard BS about “moving on” and “healing” and “all for the best,” etc. etc. There are many good women AND men who have been where you are. Listen and learn from them. We need each other.

    • Hmmm…could be that we do know each other, or could be that these feelings are not so unique. 😉

      I really didn’t want to get divorced for so long. Eventually, I accepted it was over, but have never really accepted that I will be labeled “divorcée” whether I like it or not. And, man, do I NOT like it. Oh wellsky, lots to not like about how things have turned out but still lots to be grateful for.

      Thanks for commenting here! Really looking forward to your input. 🙂

  2. How the *%&* did I miss that — besides that I’m a bit of a dingbat?!? Thank you so much…and please forgive me being an idiot. I blame menopause…and moving…and the friggin’ divorce…and the kids!

    Now let’s take on 2014…

  3. Loved your article about the inconvenient truths of divorcing with children. See my comment to your article. Then, consider LIKING the Facebook page of the National Association of Parents, joining as a member, and getting in touch with me, too.

  4. Really enjoyed reading, and related to, “To the left behind spouse”. Your words encompass the experience perfectly. Thanks.

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